Inaugural cohort launch performance
February 28, 2020 @BuzzFeed LA

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On Friday February 28 our inaugural cohort members each took the stage at BuzzFeed LA HQ. This event was the culmination of weeks worth of coaching and artist development, we gave our artists the chance to rock what they have learned, get in-front of industry leaders and share the stage with some of the best emerging hip-hop talent nationwide. Read on to get to know each of our artists as they share their experiences.






Being a part of the Cohort intensive process was very helpful. The things I didn’t know the knowledge was given and the things I already knew it was sharpened to another higher level. Trust the process learn from the process and the process will work if you put in the work. #ClassInSession

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Being part of the Plyte cohort helped me to expand the way I thought about my path musically, while also showing me ways to improve upon what I already excelled at. Not to mention I met numerous talented artists from all over the country in the process.

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My experience with Plyte has been steel sharpening steel. When taken full advantage of, the structure of the Plyte cohort is a proven asset of artist development irregardless of the talent’s current level of success. Plyte helped me to identify some missing pieces of the puzzle. I’m TRULY proud to have partnered with them for the inaugural D-Day. We will continue to work up!!

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The intensive was a great event. It’s one of the best things musically that’s ever happened to me and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. I feel it gave us great exposure and a real taste of what’s out there waiting for us. The intensive was a well thought out, well put together event. I wish I could rewind time and do it all over again. I’m confident there’s nowhere to go but up from here.

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I want to give a big shout out and thank you to the industry professionals responsible for making the D-Day launch event a great success. Plyte, PayDay, No Gossip LA, and Buzzfeed truly put forth the effort to give artists a platform unlike anything they have ever seen before. Thank you to the music industry representatives for showing your support and interest in today’s emerging artist and their talents. I expect more great opportunities and successful ventures from the amazing staff at these great companies. Outstanding work!

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It has really taken me and my artistry seriously, which is really hard to find with different platforms and people, period. So far, most helpful was the consultation with the brand consultant. It was nice to get a professional’s outside perspective of my brand and where I can really tighten up. What helped me the most, as an independent talent you feel so overwhelmed and pulled everywhere because it’s your job to be your stylist, your manager, your booking agent and the Plyte intensive really helped me organize and understand what I need to do to get to the next step of my career. I love the launch event with BuzzFeed. All my friends were saying it was so professional. It made me realize I should be focusing on events that match my brand. I would definitely recommend Plyte.

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This intensive has been filled with very hands on professional development that is difficult to come by as an artist learning their way through the industry. It has definitely been a growing experience which was made easy with Plyte as an accountability partner. This intensive is a great way to find your footing in the entertainment business and hopefully beyond.

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As an up-and-coming artists Plyte gave us a platform and the skills to really start taking the business of music seriously. Working with the different consultants and participating in the different challenges sent out by the Plyte really showed how to prepare for various things an Artist may need during his career. Preparing for shows, preparing for contracts and other legal items, honestly just preparing us for anything that may come at you being an artist. Justin and his team of consultants really put an Emphasis on the artist doing the groundwork to set themselves up for success, while also showing the importance of putting a team together of the “Michael Jordans” of their particular fields. Dealing with Plyte will better your career and outlook on this business.

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