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This is a tough industry.

Achieving success as an artist can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. It’s not enough to make great music, you need to master production, marketing, team development, monetization and more. You’ll never make it alone, but partner with the wrong team and lose your rights, lose your following, even shipwreck your career. To take your career in music to the next level you are going to need a team you can trust.



We have lived it.

Our team holds decades of experience across all aspects of the music industry. We have worked with both major labels and independent artists. We understand the sacrifice, sweat and hard work it takes to make it in this business. We are tired of seeing artists with incredible talent never reach their full potential or worse get eaten alive by the system. We believe there is a better way.

Learn about our artist development program



Expertise Backed by Experience

Our coaches have launched the careers of artists that now have 1M+ followers and are making millions on their music. Here are some of the brands and companies our pros have worked with:

“Being part of the Plyte cohort helped me to expand the way I thought about my path musically, while also showing me ways to improve upon what I already excelled at. Not to mention I met numerous talented artists from all over the country in the process.”

Cam Archer


Smart Artists Own Their Music.
Successful Artists Own Their Business.

We help you with both. We provide you with the knowledge, community, resources and connections to shift your craft into a successful career.


Learn how the most successful artists approach personal branding, social media marketing, monetization through paid content, TV/Film placement and more.


Get 1-1 personal coaching. We’ll take a deep dive into your music, social media accounts, branding, production and more. You’ll get monthly reporting on your performance and easily identify the next steps you need to take.


Join a community of the best emerging talent in the industry. Network with highly successful industry professionals across all aspects of the entertainment industry. Build a winning team that is committed to your success.

Learn about our artist development program

“The intensive was a great event. It’s one of the best things musically that’s ever happened to me and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. I feel it gave us great exposure and a real taste of what’s out there waiting for us. The intensive was a well thought out, well put together event. I wish I could rewind time and do it all over again. I’m confident there’s nowhere to go but up from here.”



Your Next Steps


Chat with one of our industry professionals and learn about our artist development program. We’ll walk you through how it works and answer any questions you might have.


It all starts with a 1-1 personal coaching session. We’ll take a deep-dive into your body of work, social accounts, evaluate what’s working, what’s not and create a plan to help you grow. Then we provide monthly reporting on your progress.


Network with other emerging artists and industry professionals. Grow your team, we’ll help identify gaps and get you connected with the right people at the right time.

Learn about our artist development program