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This is a tough industry.

Trying to make it on your own can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Partner with the wrong team and lose your rights, lose your following, even shipwreck your career. To take your career in music to the next level you are going to need a team you can trust.




We have lived it.

Our team holds decades of experience in the industry from performance through production and promotion. We have worked with major labels and independent artists. We are tired of seeing artists with incredible talent never reach their full potential or worse get eaten alive by the system.

The coaching session was positive, upbeat, knowledgable and focused – skills that make their team wonderful mentors. Generous with time and information, they were good at articulating ideas and keeping the attention on the task at hand. Plyte truly cares about the artists they are speaking with, and it’s obvious that they are genuinely passionate about this work.

Luke Yates


Our coaches are industry vets from all aspects of the music business. Here are some of the brands and companies our pros have worked with:


What we Offer

Our community is designed to give you the knowledge, resources and connections to build and own your music career and master the business of music. Here are just a few areas we can help you with:

• learning abou tv/film placement
• mastering music rights
• social media marketing

• get more efficient at event management
• learn the best ways to run a tour
• level-up your stage presence

• learn how to run a set
• master monetizing your music content
• learn how to record on a budget


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